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How We Started

The founding educators of Carolina Online Institute provided the vision, leadership, and a portion of the initial funding for the incorporation of the Carolina Online Institution, a distance-learning institution. It was founded for the purpose of providing a pathway for success and leadership for adult learners. The focus of Carolina Online Institute is to bring about a quality distance-learning adult career institution.

The institute focused on providing adults with a convenient and quality online learning environment to meet their career education and professional development goals. Carolina Online Institute realized that adults need convenient online learning services to meet their professional development needs, and to be able to acquire academic credentials in a way that would limit interference within their daily lives. We develop new strategies, acquire new knowledge, and discover new talents to provide a solution to those issues.

Mission/Vision Statement

The mission of Carolina Online Institute is to provide transformative quality online education to adult learners through the most effective 21st-century technology available in higher education in order to ensure valuable, efficient, flexible, and excellent learning that will prepare our students with the knowledge and skills to be successful in their chosen occupation.

The vision of Carolina Online Institute is to be the most effective online adult institution that prepares learners to be highly sought-after and exceptional professionals in their occupation.

Giving Back to Our Community

Carolina Online Institute believes in investing back into the community that invests in us.